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Are children spending too much time in front of screens?

For several generations, parents have had concerns about their children spending too much time in front of screens.

In the 1980’s it was the advent of VHS and greater access to cinema releases which were either absorbing all of their spare time or allowing them to access unsuitable content.

In the 1990’s video games were the perceived threat with the unrestricted access to graphic violence being the primary concern.

Now the current generation have grown up without understanding what life is like without the internet, and are expected to live every aspect of their life in the public domain .There are many benefits such as unparalleled access to information, global learning resources and the increased communication with friends and family globally whether using video or messaging.


Could it be that there are negatives too? Some studies have shown that too much time spent on social media can lead to issues such as anxiety, depression, and an increased risk of obesity.

Several industry insiders have spoken out against their own children using social media having understood the addictive features which are intrinsic to the sites, combined with questions about the lack of censorship and political motives of those controlling the content which appears in personal feeds.

Overall it seems that this technology is here to stay and is fast becoming unavoidable for those not wanting to fall behind their peers.

It is likely that the best solutions to these concerns will be education from parents and schools on the potential problems of technology combined with a broad range of other interests to ensure that screen time is naturally restricted